Believers homosexuals? And about heretics

Many Christians are concerned about the question: can a believer be homosexual? can a homosexual go to paradise? after all, the Bible says: (1Cor. 6:9-10) “the homosexuals of the kingdom of God will not inherit.” But on the other hand, we know that (Rom. 3:28) “a person is justified by faith, regardless of the works of the law.” What does homosexuality have to do with faith? If nothing, then it turns out that sodomy cannot influence salvation. Isn’t that a contradiction in the Bible?

Or should a homosexual endure with all his might and not have sex? or gagging, so as not to vomit, have sex with a woman?

And what about people with a damaged hormonal system? What are they to blame?

And here is an unexpected answer:

The gospel, that is, the translation of “good news”, is that everything is smooth, good news: if a person spent time on sex, then children should be born from this. And if he had sex in vain, it’s such a waste, a waste of time, for this he must go to hell. Otherwise, what is the good news? A man must be a computer!

And if not a computer, miscalculated – to hell! For example, as a child, I was almost a prodigy mathematician, but scattered, like a scattered professor. And once, due to my absent-mindedness, I confused something I said in the church about the sex of Mary with Joseph, saying that it was probably something special, since Jesus was born from this. That’s all: I have mixed up and lo I am a heretic. And we always confuse something, so everyone should go to hell.

Or one more thing: (Rev. 21: 8) “All liars will have a fate in the lake, burning with fire and brimstone. This is the second death.” I emphasize: all liars. To be honest, what does that mean? What if once in a lifetime you lied – to hell! And in another passage of the Bible it is written: (Rom. 6:4) “every man is a liar, as it is written: That you be justified in your words and conquered when you would be judged.” After all, all people lie (however, someone only subconsciously).

So everyone will go to hell?

(Mat. 16:25) “whoever wants to save his soul, he will lose it, and whoever loses his soul for Me, he will gain it.” One must give up one’s soul. It is necessary to abandon the very concept of the soul: it is necessary to understand that a person is the brain, but the surrounding information field will preserve our thoughts even after death. I no longer want my stupid thoughts to be “saved”, I want only a few good thoughts left from me (as much as there are any). But I know that this is why God will save more from me than if I didn’t think so. One must give up the soul.

How to abandon the soul, refuse salvation? We must abandon the gospel. (Gal. 3:10) “All that are established in the works of the law are under a curse. For it is written: “Cursed is everyone who does not constantly fulfill all that is written in the book of the law.” If we “are established” in keeping the gospel, then we are under a curse.

How to give up the gospel? Read my book End of Gospel and this blog.

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