Why the commandments of the Bible were needed?

The only criterion by which Christ was guided when He wrote the Old and New Testaments is to minimize the number of Eucharists. (Mat. 26:39) “And having made a little further progress fell on His face, he prayed and said: My Father! if possible, let this cup pass from me; but not according to my will, but according to Yours.” In another passage of the Bible, Jesus says: “This cup is the New Testament in My blood.” So He meant: “My Father! may as far as possible there be no New Testament in My blood; but not according to my will, but according to Yours.” This means that Jesus wanted as little as possible of the New Testament in His blood, that is, the cup of eucharist. He prayed that, subject to the complete fulfillment of the Father’s will, there would be as little Eucharists as possible in the history of mankind. We know that the Father fulfills all his prayers. So, the purpose of history was to have as few Eucharists as possible, but fulfilling the will of the Father.

Jesus did not hide the fact that he was cruel to us: “Here I am sending you like sheep among the wolves” meant that our sending makes us sheep, and those around us wolves. He told us to turn the other cheek so that we would be beaten more.

For example, trying not to be ashamed of Christ and His words, I told everyone that I was a sectarian and religious fanatic. I was going to starve to death for Christ’s sake, because a religious fanatic cannot find a job. My mother was turned by my shameless, insolent words into a wolf and began to beat me with a frying pan by the head. At the same time, my scientific career was completely ruined, so that I could not preach the Gospel as a believing scientist, so that people, having listened to my sermons, would not partake of the way I taught: restoring the death of Christ in memory, the memory passed on to us from Him through grape juice, lest He remember with us His sufferings. This is all so that there are no strong Eucharists.

For example, He forbade homosexuality so that people multiply more, overpopulation occurs and humanity perishes from global warming. This is so that people stop taking Eucharist. That was the purpose. I do not urge you to become homosexual, I urge you to concentrate on important things: science, for example. Believers used to be obsessed with sex: I mean that sexual cleanliness and marriage were considered the most important in life. Marriage is sex. Idiots, you thought sex was the most important thing in life!

But now this is not necessary: Eucharist is canceled. We no longer transfer our sins to Christ. We can finally do cognition: not only theology, but also ordinary science. Paul said: “I have given up everything for the sake of the science of Christ” (this is how it translates from Greek).

Yes, the sacrament is canceled: I filed a lawsuit in God’s court to abolish the New Testament in His blood. I said that the New Testament is a letter, which means that He has no power in accordance with the letter of the New Testament itself. Now the New Testament is canceled. The law is dead.

If you want to join me, contact me.

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