Why there is pornography in the Gospel

As I noted in the previous blog post, the Gospel is some “alien” mathematics. We can guess what it is about by the word “Gospel” which means “good news” in Greek. It apparently means that it takes anything and transforms it into good news. I translated Jn. 19:23-25 from Greek in an unusual way: “… soldiers (of the celestial army), spreading in couches, who make it … Continue reading Why there is pornography in the Gospel

A shocking theological theory about word of God

We assume that “word of God” means “Bible”. Is this a founded statement? I propose an alternative theory: “word of God” means in Bible any mathematics (anything what is absolutely true). So, “2+4=4” or “The lattice of funcoids is isomorphic to the lattice of filters on the lattice of finite unions of Cartesian products.” would be also to be called “word of God”. I used … Continue reading A shocking theological theory about word of God

Apocalypse: a possible scenery

In this blog post I will consider a theological scenery possible in my opinion. It differs of the traditional theological theory that two witnesses of the Apocalypse are Ilia and Enoch, born again to die. But what if the traditional interpretation is somehow wrong? It is not mathematics, in theology there is a place for errors and misunderstandings. The following is possible in my opinion, … Continue reading Apocalypse: a possible scenery