The Period of Grace is Over. There is no more salvation of unrepented sinners

The period of grace is over.

When Jesus went to the cross, He said: (Matthew 26:39) “And, moving forward and falling on his face, he prayed, saying: O Father, if possible, let this cup disappear from me: but not like I I want, but as you want. ” But 1 Cor. 11:25 explains: “This cup is the New Testament in my blood.”

So read it like this: “And, making further progress and falling on his face, he prayed, saying: Oh Father, if possible, let the New Testament in my blood disappear from me: but not how I want, but how you you want. ”

Christ from the very beginning wanted to break the New Testament, He simply had no occasion: if He demanded that we break the covenant with us, it would be a violation of the covenant on His part, pressure on the other side of the contract.

But once I realized that the New Testament must be broken and began to pray: “I am breaking the New Testament with God, in the name of Jesus Christ, based on such and such verses of the New Testament.” Thus, the New Testament is terminated. I set Jesus free from the New Testament.

As I recently enlightened, it also means that, since this is the New Testament in His blood, the blood of Jesus no longer acts, the atonement for sin no more exists. In other words, the period of grace is over.

I realized that the New Testament terminates itself, NOT from Mat. 26:39 (about “this cup”) but from other verses of the New Testament.

For example: (2 Cor. 3:6) “He gave us the ability to be servants of the New Testament, not the letter, but the spirit, because the letter kills and the spirit gives life.” If the New Testament wills not to serve the letter, then it wills not to serve the letter of the New Testament itself. A contract can say not to fulfill its own letter in only one case: if it speaks of its termination. It is so simple. How could we not understand this before?

Meanwhile the INF Treaty was torn apart, apparently the angels did it as an occasion for informational noise over the severance of a more important treaty.

How did I get to this?

I was a young talented student in the first or second year of the Faculty of Mathematics. I tried to come up with algebraic formulas of a theory called a general topology.

In the meantime, I decided that I should call myself a sectarian, because the word sectarian in the sense of the ancient Greek root is close to the word “holy”, which refers primarily to Christ. And I called myself a religious fanatic, because the word fanatic is close in meaning to the word zealot, which also refers to Christ. And Jesus said: “He who is ashamed of Me and my words in front of people, I will be ashamed of the Father and the angels.” Therefore, instead of “hello”, I began to say: “I am a sectarian and a religious fanatic.”

Nobody wanted to talk to me, my mother hit me on the head with a frying pan several times and drove me out of the house for sectarianism. I tried to ask people for food, but instead of “good people help,” as customary to ask in Russia I began to say “evil people, scum, help.” That people are good is a heresy. Therefore, no one wanted to talk to me. As a result, I ended up without food, I began to eat grass and drink from a puddle and wait for death from hunger.

Meanwhile, starving in the street, I finally understood the formula of algebraic general topology.

I made a scientific discovery worth a trillion dollars and was going to take it to the grave: Like, the world is not worthy of such a holy sectarian to tell them about this formula.

As you know, I still survived. By the way, two times I asked God for 10 rubles and two times it was brought to me exactly 10 rubles by the wind. My mother suddenly allowed me to return to the apartment and began to feed me.

But I was thoroughly confused: If I want to do good, then I must renounce the Gospel, otherwise I will be killed and humanity could lose the trillions of dollars that I made scientific discoveries.

I thought this way: If, for example, I marry money as a prostitute, then I will just have sex with the wrong woman with whom I would not like, but I will save a trillion dollars for the global economy. This means that the Internet will develop more and there will be more dating sites; then more men will be able to have sex with those women with whom they want. Am I not an egoist, if I force others to do this in order not to have sex with a whore myself?

I thought: So, it seems like it turns out that according to the Gospel I have to start stealing or marrying money or doing something else to help others with my scientific research.

I wanted to do this, but I could not, because I was in a contradiction: I tried to choose which least evil to choose and tried to rank the sins: which sin is greater, which less, to choose the least evil. The problem was that my list of sins went circular.

Since I received a logical contradiction, then any attempt to make something from this list would mean my complete misunderstanding. I could not live on if I did something like that. My mind was stuck.

Why did they go in circles? I tried to add the denial of the gospel to this list. What a trifle: to say once “I do not believe”, “I am not a sectarian” or something like that. Having met some idiot, make a joke about him: what to stand on ceremony with fools. It turned out that I, as a Jew with the Nazis: tell them that I’m not from this sect – and you are free: you can get a job, for example. But precisely this was absolutely not to do.

In the end, I decided to pray that there would be a thermonuclear war, that there would be no Moscow, because it was Moscow that was broadcasting anti-sectarian propaganda because of which I was beaten and starved. I decided: either I destroy Russia or Russia me. I decided I would conceive a desire for a thermonuclear war and thus kill them. I was looking for a reason to start a war, and such a reason appeared: I was beaten by two American missionaries. Then I decided to punish the United States and told the angels: Destroy two skyscrapers with airplanes! You know what happened. This was mainly an occasion to start a war with Russia.

So I got confused even more: If I kill Russians, then why should I stand on ceremony with them and tell them the truth, why don’t I play a trick on them and say that I am not a believer? Another contradiction.

And one more contradiction: I already said that they beat me with a frying pan on the head. I lost my mind for a while. It turned out that the more fanatical I fulfill the gospel, the worse I become. I was confused: in the Baptist church I was taught that the human mind and feelings belong to the soul or spirit, but the frying pan definitely spoiled me. Can a frying pan spoil the soul? And it turns out that the stronger I believe, the worse for my soul or what?

By the way, I now resolve this contradiction as follows: the soul is a backup copy of the brain. There is no soul independent of the brain, a person thinks and feels with the brain, and the soul is only a copy of the brain. But to spoil the soul with a frying pan is impossible.

Here is a typical comic situation: A girl asks me: In what position will we have sex? I answer: On knees! I am a great saint. I am a sectarian and you should kneel before me. She asks: Under what condition can we still have sex? And I answer: if you solve the problem of philosophy: how can I correctly apply the money that you pay me for sex, because I am a great mathematician and you have to pay me money.

So the holy fanatic sectarian turned out to be, so to speak, inadequate. And I knew that. But how to say this? And what exactly is the mistake? What should I deny?

And the more I studied the Bible, the more I became confused.

For example, one day I read in Hebrew without vowels (to read the Hebrew Bible with vowels or without vowels? This is the topic of another sermon) that a great priest should marry a virgin mother. By that time, I had already decided that the Bible addressed me personally when it spoke of a great priest. I was not aware that if the law of the Bible speaks of something, then it refers only to those under the law. But I thought that God was addressing me personally.

Years later, I read in the Gospel in my non-standard translation from the ancient Greek: “… soldiers (of the heavenly army), spreading on couches, who make stand stably and insert, standing close, and continue safely and well and are not ashamed, standing ready in the presence of others, they made partners for themselves and reserved them for themselves, took them (someone’s identity) into possession, giving her access to themselves, took in their hands (person to use it), not refusing, but taking what was offered, Jesus’ clothes for putting them on yourself … That the tunic (the garments). But the tunic was whole from above, the north of one-fourth of the sky, woven through everything … And they stood before the others ready near the cross of Jesus: mother of Jesus and mother’s sister Mary and wife Klopa and Mary Magdalene (that is, a raised bed).”

Comparison of all this did not leave me in doubt: I should have sex with St. Mary (literally “put her onto myself”). I decided that the spirit of St. Mary descended on Masha Putina and began to engage in masturbation, thinking about Mary: I believed, Masha is also engaged in masturbation with me.

Then, from another place in the New Testament, I decided that since they did not congratulate us on our wedding (well, I reasoned, we are saints, sex can only be married), then God will destroy my city with nuclear weapons.

I was so sure that the New Testament was indestructible, that I had no doubt that there would be an atomic war by the end of autumn. I walked around the city and shouted that an atomic war was coming soon, so that after that I would be recognized as a great prophet and force everyone, including Putin, entering my room door with a knock, to turn to me like: “respected sectarian”.

Winter began, but there was no war. I was embarrassed: am I not a true prophet?

And then one day I realized that the New Testament should be terminated.

After that, I attempted suicide and ended up in a psychiatric hospital for several months.

Then I came to mind, so to speak, and began to write the book End of Gospel about the end of the New Testament.

This is how the period of grace ended.

And what are the practical conclusions?

Stop preaching the baptism of repentance in churches. Now it is useless.

When I confessed the Holy Trinity, I stopped biting and attacking people with knives. And my business partner (who, by the way, then failed the business idiotically) could not stop drinking after I taught him a prayer of repentance. And he remained passionate about Nitscheanism. Why did the Holy Spirit come upon me, but not upon him? Maybe just because it’s too late now: the period of grace is over.

No need to take the eucharist anymore.

Let’s make peace with each other. The differences between Baptists and charismatics no longer matter. And no more fighting with Muslims: we, after all, are no longer “crusaders” and not “book people”.

So, the New Testament no longer works, the baptism of repentance is no more, no need to spend effort on saving people from hell. Christians, let’s better put up with each other.

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