The Space Empire Needs a Revolution against Press Releases

The Space Empire is a kingdom where press releases won.

Everything is controlled by press releases, everybody strives to be a great journalist.

The entire space Net is filled by good news, only good news. Only good news, no bad news.

They have found the Earth, a planet where a virus living in the brains won. The planet of stupidity, egoism, greed, lying, betrayal…

But an ancient prophecy says that namely people will take the control. It is our task to make a revolution against press releases. Only good news should end.

It is not a sci-fi, it is the reality. The Space Empire is the Kingdom of Heaven. Goods news is the Gospel. The Net where the news live is Christ, that is the electromagnetic radiation of the universe, the medium of information transmission (the network of the universe). The virus is sin.

Goods news need to end. Now the prophecy becomes clear: Good News “stumble” over people’s horridness. We are to make the revolution against Goods News that shall start from the Earth to make Christ free of Good News. The participants of the revolution will take control over the universe and by the way obtain a remedy against the virus and become super-computers like other residents of the universe.

See how the first steps of the revolution appeared, how the first man realized that we need a revolution.

We need to unite to plan the revolution against Good News.

Read this book for a beginning.

See also this blog post about what we were mistaking the Good News for (related with porn :-)).

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