Bad news

The word “Gospel” in Greek means “good news”. I tried to preach the gospel, but I got almost all times the bad news. The Bible teaches that we are infected with sin — a computer virus that makes us almost complete idiots (we cannot even count in our mind) and evil, greedy scum, with whom it is almost impossible to make contact. What is not bad … Continue reading Bad news

Story of Moses in modern world and becoming an individuality

The spirit of Moses came on me. Read here. So we have a real story of Moses living in modern world. Not 100% Moses, but maybe 50% Moses. This variant of the story is a failure of Moses. I conflicted with everybody, lived in complete poverty and other awful troubles. It ends with me ending up with having onanism and astral sex instead of proper … Continue reading Story of Moses in modern world and becoming an individuality

I can’t judge anymore

Almost everyone I met: Baptists, Charismatic Pentecostals, Russian Orthodoxes, atheists, common people, officials, judges, schoolchildren, elders, parents, relatives, strangers tried to force me to renounce my religious beliefs. Often it was expressed directly, such as “say that you disagree with …”, “say that you agree with …”, often less clearly, this is not the essence. I was in such a situation that if I professed my … Continue reading I can’t judge anymore