Christ is no more my Lord, I serve directly to the Father

Christ is of the highest, he is highly perrfect, glory be to Him in the highest for ever and ever.

He is Yahweh, the truth, His body is the fullness of filling all in all, etc.

But He has deficienencies: His will is not perfect: From Luke 22:42: “not my will, but yours, be done”. So the will of the Son is different than the will of the Father. We know that the Father is greater than the Son: John 14:28.

So, if we follow the will of Christ, we do not follow the best will.

Christ is the truth (John 14:6), to follow His will means to never lie.

I tried to never lie as much as possible (as much as I can). This led me to total poverty, beating. I was going mad from beating by head and hunger. How to tell rude rave is better than just to tell a little lie? Should not a Jew say he is not a Jew if he meets fascists? Aren’t we just spiritul Jews?

It was Christ’s will that I would not deny the Gospel before evil men. This will is not perfect, it may lead to hunger, beating, and dying or madness (dying of our brain by parts). This is because (as we know), His will is not perfect.

Christ wants us to come to the Father: (John 14:6) “no man comes to the Father, but by me”. It seems to imply that Christ leads us to the Father. It means that we should come to the Father not remaining in Christ.

So, Christ is no more my Lord and I am no more a member of His body (Church).

I try to serve to the Father. I do not yet know well how to serve to the Father, I am in a very beginning of the way.

Christ is very perfect, He is the truth never failing and serves to the Father. Let us follow His example and serve to the Father.

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