The big picture

There appeared terrorists in the heaven. As a response “Gospel” appeared. “Gospel” means “good news” or “correct way of news”. This means the system of telling news in a good way focusing on positive (not on terrorism), to prevent terrorism spreading.

We started to live accordingly Gospel.

The problems appeared when we were considering why to live accordingly Gospel. Trying to answer this question, we entered into numerous problems.

Our error was that the question was meaningless: We just should not live accordingly Gospel. Gospel itself says not to live accordingly law, any lay that means. That includes Gospel itself.

Gospel is a contract with God. Following it, we need to terminate the contract. The contract calls to terminate itself (“not to live accordingly the law”).

There is something outside of the limited “world” of fighting against terrorism, the world of living accordingly Gospel. There is a bigger world. Stop attempt of living accordingly Bible. The Gospel tells not to live by the law.

Read more in my book End of Gospel and this site.

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