About my reward and relation to others

From my correspondence with a girl:

Gospel says: “All run in the stadium but just one receives the prize.” If I am the first who understood how to fulfill the Gospel contract completely, by just terminating the contract, I will receive the ENTIRE prize, as the first who crossed the finish line. I will be above everybody who followed the Gospel. It means they will become just a part of me in the heavens. (Otherwise more than one would receive the prize.) I was one of the greatest sufferers, greatest anointed men, greatest wise men, etc. Am I not like how we imagined the first prize winner?

But the Gospel says “Whatever the law says it says to these who are under the law.” The law spiritually means Gospel, so that it will be only one prize winner concerns followers of the Gospel. As we are no more, I can share the prize with these who are no more under the law. Do you realize what it means for you? I may grant you like a half of the heaven in the afterlife! Or maybe we will penetrate into each other, and each one of us will get the entire heaven

I was worried: Almost nobody loves me, almost nobody believes me. The world is not quite whole as people are not friends with me, but Christ died for the sins of the WHOLE (not “entire”!) world. Doesn’t it mean that they go to the hell? And should I worry about them? But it is said that the law speaks to these who are under the law, and that who does not love his brother don’t have life. But now I am the Baal for them, not like a brother anymore. So I have no reason to assume they have no life

and the “world” does not include us anymore, the remaining world may yet be whole

Here you can start the teaching of end of Gospel:

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